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MSI Project Profile ISO 9001 Acxiom


ISO 9001:2008 Implementation | Acxiom

About Acxiom
ISO 9001:2008, Conway, AR 2008-2009
Acxiom is a multichannel marketing company focused on consumer data and analysis, databases, data integration and consulting solutions for personalized strategies.
  -“Overall, MSI sped up our certification process. If Acxiom had attempted this certification without MSI, we would have spent a lot more time trying to learn the standard and how it applies to us.”Barbara Stroope Management Rep.
Scope of Work
Delivery Methodology
The Delivery Method-ology Department of Acxiom includes about 400 employees. Throughout the implementation process, MSI worked with top management at Acxiom providing valuable consulting that contributed to their long-term success and eventual ISO 9001 registration.


MSI’s Turnkey Approach

MSI developed the appropriate required documentation for Acxiom’s Delivery Methodology department. MSI also coached Acxiom through the implementation of the standard. Management Systems International similarly provided overview and internal auditing training for Acxiom at multiple sites. MSI additionally coordinated the Registrar selection and was present at each of the audits.

Registration audit occurred April 2009 resulting in Acxiom being recommended for ISO 9001: 2008 certification.


“I very much appreciated Diana’s willingness to work through several re-organizations and leadership changes at Acxiom. Her calm approach to these changes helped keep us on track. She made several exceptions for us to accommodate our needs ... and I think her flexibility was one of the keys to our success.”

Barbara Stroope Management Rep.

“Management was well prepared for the certification process through our efforts of developing the appropriate documentation and training the internal auditors”
-Diana Procter, President


Stand Out Success- Adjusting the QMS to the MarketEdge product only, determining what exclusions could be justifiably taken and addressing the outsourced process.