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MSI Project Profile ISO 9001 BMS


ISO 9001:2008 Implementation | Broadcast Microwave Systems

About Broadcast Microwave Systems
ISO9001:2008, Broadcast Microwave Systems (Poway, CA) MSI serving since 2010
BMS designs and manufactures portable COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing) digital microwave systems, including a full line of analog and digital COFDM portable and fixed transmitters, receivers, and accessories from 1.4 to 15 GHz.

Management Systems International (MSI) properly implements Quality Management Systems (QMS) to ensure your company continuously meets the globally recognized ISO 9001 international standard.



As a result of doing business with Management Systems International, BMS received the following results:

  • Quality objectives were well established and communicated to all employees.
  • Processes were well monitored through daily customer-focused morning meetings, semi-annual management meetings, quarterly All-Hands meetings, weekly tactical meetings, internal audits, and establishment and monitoring of quality objectives.


Broadcast Microwave Services began pursuing ISO 9001:2008 certification March 2010, and completed implementation March 2011. Project was delayed due to high volume of customer deliveries at year end and change of personnel.


“MSI is reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, adaptable and committed to helping BMS keep to our schedule.”
Karen Shaffer,
Operation’s Analyst
Broadcast Microwave Systems


MSI Scope of Work
In true partnership with Broadcast Microwave Services, MSI:

    • Provided consulting services with Turnkey implementation using SurePath™ methodology,
    • Established 16 QMS procedures from ground zero controlled and maintained throughout implementation.
    • Conducted Internal Audits attended Management Review meetings,
    • Pre-assessment audit, and registration audit are scheduled.

    Project Challenges

      • Change of Management Representative and limited number of company personnel to assign tasks.
      • Economic slow-down causing a limited number of hiring employees .

    “BMS is a unit of a larger organization and their customers were requiring certification to maintain contracts. MSI earned the project through a competitive process. We provided the leadership needed to make Broadcast Microwave Services ready for the ISO 9001 certification audit. ”
    Diana Procter


MSI’s SurePath™ Approach

  • Reviewed the procedures reflected the processes and practices performed by departments.
  • Guided the establishment of the QMS Policy and Objectives.
  • Developed required process procedures and Quality Manual by interviewing employees in their related functions.
  • Trained personnel for ISO 9001:2008 Overview, as well as QMS process implementations.
  • Ensured that calibration of monitoring and measuring equipment was performed in a controlled environment.
  • Conducted Internal Audit with detailed audit reports on findings.
  • Coached Corrective and Preventive Action process to nonconformances found in QMS implementation during the Internal Audit,  and/or through the Receiving Inspection
  • Showed required material/data samples for Management Review meeting, and presented in the Management Review meeting for the guidance.