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Excellence is one of MSI's Core Values

We execute on this value by constantly improving our consulting methodologies used in the development of applying International Standards that we support. Our presence at over 150 registrar audits has provided for our ability to fully understand the application of the requirements. The key to successful implementation is an effective detailed development plan that will work with the customer’s existing production capacity and their other development projects.

You can now get started on your own by purchasing the appropriate implementation plan at our Store MSI will gather information from you about your company and timeline towards certification and construct an achievable plan that your organization will have the confidence towards the next step and that is developing documentation. 

The Implementation Product includes: target milestone (completion dates), a task list, an assignment of process owners, a suggested list of Procedures to be developed, and Records to be collected and maintained. MSI will include a one (1) hour scheduled teleconference to answer any question that may arise.

At an additional cost, MSI will include one day onsite to present to your top management the overall approach to successfully implement a QMS.  After this stage you can purchase a procedural or manual templates. See our road map that will provide the necessary steps and online product that supports you accomplishing the steps required towards being ready for your first audit.

The detailed development plan is generated by evaluating companies’ scope, size and complexity and determining milestone completion dates that can be realistically achieved. For our SurePath approach you receive Our guarantee of performance is that we will fulfill tasks as defined in proposals. The sequence of activities and tasks are designed towards your success of accomplishing ISO certification. In order to fulfill this core value MSI establishes the following for every implementation:

Performance Objectives

MSI has set these performance objectives for itself for all work that it conducts for each and every Customer Project:

  • 100% on-time milestone completion, after mutual agreement of dates during the Milestone 1 Kickoff Meeting;
  • No major findings and only single-digit minor findings by the Registrar(s) during the registration audit;
  • 100% customer satisfaction from project go-ahead until you receive your ISO certificate registration.

Risk Mitigation/Quality Assurance

To mitigate risk, a preliminary and detailed plan will be developed by our program team prior to the Kickoff Meeting. At the kickoff meeting, this schedule/plan will be honed to your satisfaction.

The Business Manager conducts weekly review meetings to assess current status of all past, present and future tasks with an eye toward meeting our performance objectives. Deliverables undergo review by the program team. Committee review occurs prior to submittal of the documentation deliverables for your review, comments and ultimately, after final editing, acceptance and use.

At regular intervals throughout the program, MSI will ask you to complete customer satisfaction surveys. We take all comments seriously as part of our own process of continual improvement.