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ISO 9001 Quality Standard


ISO 9001 is a quality management system standard. It is an internationally recognized way to manage business processes. By implementing ISO 9001:2008, companies see higher rates of corporate survival, and employment growth. Studies have shown that companies with management systems like ISO 9001 saw such benefits as:

  • Sales increase of 10%
  • Fewer workers comp claims
  • Increased production rates

To effectively apply ISO 9001 into your company go to knowledgeable ISO experts. Management Systems International (MSI) properly implements Quality Management Systems (QMS) to ensure your company continuously meets the globally recognized ISO 9001 standard. While this standard provides general requirements for a QMS, you need an experienced consulting firm to adapt the requirements to your unique business - without disrupting operations.

  • In effect, you achieve ISO 9001 certification to satisfy customer demands by:
  • Streamlining systems, processes and documentation to eliminate gaps, redundancy and waste
  • Improving operational efficiency and performance to further your competitive edge
  • Increasing customer confidence in product and service quality and reliability
  • Meeting and integrating corporate policies
  • Greatly enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Boosting profitability for your company

To learn more about the ISO Quality Standard and our QMS implementation process contact MSI.

View Datasheet: Why achieve AS9100 or ISO9001 Certification? (in .pdf format)