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In the past, without the assistance of an experienced consultant, becoming certified was a daunting task. Today,  MSI  offers “do-it-yourself” products and services that pave the pathway for an effective and efficient Quality/Environmental Management System.


MSI offers an extensive variety of product packages, services, and training to Power Business Forward! These products and services are continuously being improved and have been in use by  MSI  for over 10 years, having accumulated a significant history of successful experience that has aided over 500 companies in pursuit of ISO and AS certification.



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Just Starting

If you are just starting on the path to ISO/AS certification we recommend the purchase of the Implementation Program Plan.  MSI will construct an achievable Implementation Plan that includes a: Target milestone chart (completion dates), Task list, Assignment of Process/Department owners, Suggested list of Procedures to be developed, and Records to be collected and maintained.
The Consultation on the Suggested List of Documents to be developed. This purchase includes one hour of scheduled consulting via telephone for MSI to better understand your company’s activities. MSI will then explain and confirm the List of suggested documents to be developed for an effective Quality and/or Environmental Management System program and pave the path to begin implementing a QMS/EMS.
If you already know your implementation plan and what tasks need to be done, then purchasing the Procedure and Manual Template will get you started on beginning to write the required documents. Also consider MSI to review your drafted Quality/Environmental Policy and Objectives to ensure continual improvement throughout the organization and all requirements are met.
We also recommend the following training classes to attend QMS or EMS Planning and Roll Out, or Implementation Training.



Review/Ready to Implement

Prior to implementing, it is highly suggested to have MSI consultants review your drafted procedures. MSI will make the necessary changes, and leave them in a ‘track changes’ view so that you can see what MSI has changed. This is a great tool for companies who are transitioning from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 or AS 9100 B to AS 9100 C or incorporating ISO 14001 to an existing 9001 management system. This is a great opportunity to revise and re-structure your QMS/EMS. Review your companies Quality/Environmental Manual, Quality/Environmental Policy and Objectives, or any 3 Documented Procedures.
AS 9100 C 4 Hour Overview of the C Version Changes. This training includes a four hour discussion on the changes required for implementing AS 9100 C. Summarizing the two new procedures; Project and Risk Management.
We also recommend the following Classes to attend QMS or EMS Planning and Roll Out, ISO 9001 4-Hour Management Overview Training or Implementation Training.




Our wide range of training courses offers easy-to understand instruction on your quality or environmental management system. In our dedicated training facility or on your company site – whichever you prefer, we provide training in the context of your specific industry, business and activities. As a result, you beneficially obtain custom education on:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or AS 9100 standard and
  • Certification
  • Quality or environmental management system
  • planning, implementation and maintenance
  • Internal and lead auditing

Mandatory training classes in order to comply with ISO/AS requirements: Overview and Internal Auditor Training.
Suggested training classes to comply with ISO/AS: Planning and Roll-out, Implementation, Lead Auditor and User Groups.



Management Systems Review

If you are holding your first Management Review Meeting, consider purchasing MSI’s Management Review Presentation, Agenda and Minutes Template to efficiently and effectively implement input and output requirements.  Using these for your first or to improve your management review process is sure to impress the auditor in demonstrating management’s commitment and meeting the critical requirements for the management review.
We also recommend the following training classes to attend: Management Overview and Implementation Training.



Internal Audits

MSI’s Internal Audit program is complete with Internal Audit required procedure template, a schedule that will set the stage to meet the scheduling requirements, audit planning form, audit agenda, an entire checklist to ensure all requirements are addressed during the internal audits, an internal audit summary which makes it easy to give the highlights during the management review and lastly, a corrective and preventive action form.  The Entire package simplifies setting up your internal audit program quickly.
We also recommend the following Classes to attend QMS or EMS Planning and Roll Out, Internal Audit , or Implementation Training.


Pre-assessment, Registration and Re-certification Audits

If you are planning your pre-assessment, registration or re-certification audit and need assistance in up keeping your Management System, outsource your Internal Audits to Management Systems International.
MSI is also available to support and attend your next audit. Having MSI at your pre-assessment, registration, or re-certification audit could be the difference between passing and failing your audit. MSI has been present at over 100 audits, allowing us the opportunity to continually improve our implementation and internal auditing approach. MSI still maintains a ‘perfect’ record; not once has a customer of ours failed an audit. 
We also recommend the following training classes to attend: Overview, Implementation and Internal Auditor Training.





MSI has been implementing and performing internal audits for offers complete consulting services on international standards while implementing or managing your quality or environmental management system. In true partnership with you, our expert consultants leverage years of experience with ISO and AS standards, advanced tools and highly effective procedures to provide:

  • Turnkey implementation using our widely regarded SurePath® methodology
  • Gap Analysis
  • Environmental issue identification
  • Revised procedures that meet the standards applicable to your business
  • Internal auditing
  • Ongoing maintenance using our proven SureResults® methodology
  • Many other leading consulting services

As a result, you optimize processes and systems and achieve ISO or AS certification, greatly enhancing profitability for your company



If you have recently become ISO/AS certified, and would like more information on MSI’s SureResults® services, please feel free to contact MSI.
SureResults® offers ongoing maintenance to continually achieve results from your quality or environmental management system. On a monthly basis, our highly trained and experienced consultants personally partner with you to:

    • Provide custom consulting on a priority basis
    • Identify processes requiring ongoing revision
    • Optimize your quality or environmental management system
    • Ensure you continually meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or AS 9100 requirements
    • Resolve noncompliance and specific concerns prior to recertification or surveillance audits
    • Improve surveillance audit readiness.